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California Accident Personal Injury Attorney Firm That Gets Results

Why do so many satisfied clients choose Ehline Law Firm in Greater Los Angeles? Simple, “We Make It Happen!” This means that we treat our client’s legal matters with a sense of urgency. And we treat all our customers with dignity, respect, and compassion. In fact, we Have Won Over $100 Million Dollars in Verdicts and Settlements. Why not let us win big for you too? Check out some of our client’s reviews here.

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Matthew Avitabile
Matthew Avitabile
Fair, responsive, and decent. Michael and his team are honest and ready to serve.
Michael Ehline
Michael Ehline
I think my firm is the best too. I even hired my own firm once!
Kayla Balasbas
Kayla Balasbas
I needed info about a bad auto accident near the surface streets off the 405 freeway. These lawyers explained to get the most compensation for an auto accident case. I am confident that no other firm will get me more money for a bad car, truck, or bus crash. If you ever get hurt, I think Ehline is the best more
Andrew Justin Raygosa
Andrew Justin Raygosa
I contacted Ehline about a bad slip and fall. Michael the lead accident attorney assisted me in my request. I had no idea how complicated a case like this could be. But Ehline explained how to get money for bills and such. Thanks so much Michael. If I ever get in any other type of accident and need a lawyer I will call on them more
Hannah Frank
Hannah Frank
Michael helped my family and I in a wrongful death case. He is also very good looking and attractive. I will always hire him!
Tina Willis
Tina Willis
Michael Ehline is an exceptional personal injury lawyer. He is a former marine and that shows in everything he does, including how hard he works for all of his clients. He is passionate and caring about the rights of his clients, who are the injured victims, while at the same time very aggressive toward insurance companies and lawyers. He's as smart as they come, which is why he is an award winning injury & accident lawyer. Overall, highly recommended!read more
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia
I was thrown from my Harley Davidson in Los Angeles motorcycle crash. I contacted Michael Ehline. I hired him as my motorcycle accident attorney. Michael went to the crash site. Michael called me back and was always available by phone or text to discuss my case. He explained the legal process. I fell he got me a great result. I would hire Ehline again. I recommend this personal injury more
Sara May
Sara May
I was in a very bad car accident and I found the best attorney. He is very smart, took all of my calls and got me paid very quickly. I recommend him to all my friends.
John Fry
John Fry
The firm is run by a bad ass Marine, Terminal Lance. Gung ho hooked me up in a motorcycle accident case! Hire him.
Izzy Ybarra Ybarra
Izzy Ybarra Ybarra
David Del Angel
David Del Angel
Michael Knight
Michael Knight
Agree with everyone else here! Even though my friend hired them for Personal Injury, I decided to go with them for Wrongful Death. I did some research as well and noticed a lot of great reviews & decided to give them a call. I had nothing but great interactions with Michael & his staff. They really do care & work hard for you. I'm lucky to have gotten in touch with them. Thanks again for everything & the experience you provided me and my more
Jason Lee Seamans
Jason Lee Seamans
"I am very pleased with Ehline Law Firm. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a personal injury attorney. These are the go to guys. I do appreciate having Irene working on my case since she has been nothing but helpful and has a wonderful personality. She kept me informed all the way through my case. Michael and Irene at Ehline law get an A+ from me. I can testify with certanty that the Ehline Law Firm is very excellent and caring at what they do. Because of this, they really fight for their clients and make sure that you get the maximum in your case. In my case, I was injured on a ducati Sport classic and needed an expert car accident lawyer. This staff of lawyers helped me to maximize the value of my case and I am very happy with the results"read more
Darrell Kobaso
Darrell Kobaso
I would feel very safe and secure hiring The Ehline Law Firm, they always put their clients first, and know the law, and how to get the job done. I rarely give 5 star ratings, but I must make an exception in this case. GREAT law firm!read more
Iana Skye
Iana Skye
I got in my very first car accident in my life and was seriously injured. I will just say it was a very stressful time in my life. Michael Ehline definitely helped get me to be at ease. I had confidence in his abilities as a lawyer. He was able to get me the maximum amount for my particular situation for my pain and suffering and my medical and other bills. He seems to be very busy (they say send your business to a busy person). The fact is he always got back to me and always set aside time to explain the car accident legal process to me in layman's terms. I'm really glad I retained Ehline Law Firm and that I read all the other positive reviews on Yelp and went ahead and hired Michael and more
Arthur Granville
Arthur Granville
If you are looking for a Law Firm that deals with all types of personal injury cases, Michael Ehline Law PC is the place to go for all your needs. Michael Ehline, Esq. is an experienced attorney who knows how to settle cases quickly and successfully. He is superb in offering advanced advice and answering any and all questions concerning your needs. This firm has only seasoned professionals who are especially great with Military veterans. The Chief Attorney, Michael P. Ehline is a United States Marine veteran himself and he has the backs of all veterans who are in need of a successful personal injury settlement. He is especially experienced in Vehicular accidents, and has resolved many cases involving motorcycle accidents very quickly and successfully. The staff of Ehline Law Firm puts you at ease as soon as you walk in the door of the Firm. Michael will answer any questions you may have in all areas of personal injury. His staff are all congenial and very good at what they do. I would strongly recommend Ehline Law Firm PC for all your personal injury needs. I would rate this business as 5-star quality and 5-star cooperation with all clients. First-Class Law more
Camren James
Camren James
There are tons of PI law firms out there in LA County. However, less than few are as aggressive, prompt, organized, and efficient as ELFPC. Having worked with attorneys in the past myself, I am grateful when a personal injury firm stays on top of the case load. Even better is how responsive James and Irene have been to me as their client. They have a very passionate and dedicated staff. They walked me through every every step of the case. The process was straightforward. Mike told me that: "You are not a file with us, you are also a friend." He always had time to answer questions I had as they arose via text or emails. I went to ELFPC for a head injury after being thrown from a bicycle. I was overly pleased with the case outcome. If I am ever in a bad automotive accident, or if a friend needs a smart, motivated lawyer, I will definitely refer all my family and associates to their offices. If a a personal injury issue arises I know we will be in good hands. Thanks again Michael Ehline and staff!read more
Fislam Khan
Fislam Khan
I was referred to the ELFPC by a co worker who used to work for them for my car accident. Was rear ended and a traffic accident report was done. My new vehicle was a total loss! I was bummed out. The policeman claimed it was my fault and gave the other guy a ticket for driving on a suspended license. As frustrating as all has been, this law office has kept me in the loop moved my case along quickly. They called, sent me texts,emails, letters and even drove me to a deposition. My concerns are always addressed quickly. Irene is always available on the phone. All my questions are answered. I don't feel rushed and never feel dumb. They really explained things. The efforts of Mike rebutted the policeman's finding. Just recently the insurance took 100% fault for the loss. I am happy. Took a long time and a patient attorney! I'm still treating with physical therapy and should be done in a couple of months. I hope there is enough to get a new car. I also deserve compensation for pain and suffering. Ehline is an awesome group of people. Definitely choose them if you are looking for a personable experience in a car accident more
Chris Lang
Chris Lang
Ehline has given me great advice on several legal matters. He is one of the most patriotic, God fearing motorcycle injury attorneys I have ever met. He was a Marine and also supports the Second Amendment. Do or die, I know he will get me money in my car accident more
Angel Aimee
Angel Aimee
Micheal Bates
Micheal Bates
Melva Desrosiers
Melva Desrosiers
Michael at Ehline law gave me great info about my car accident case in Los Angeles. Irene was particularly helpful. When you need money and are injured I think they are a good choice
Kendall Carver
Kendall Carver
Michael has come to Washington twice to lobby for improved safety issue on cruise ships. His help has been invaluable. He is someone we can count on and very helpful.
Ben Kane
Ben Kane
Michael Ehline is a very special kind of lawyer...a lawyer that really cares! He takes everything to heart, he treats you like your case was his case. He has a lot of energy and he focuses it all on his clients and their specific needs, he's extremely knowledgeable, empathetic, he puts you at ease and makes you feel at ease in the worst of situations. Thank you Michael for being being a great lawyer and friend when you're needed. I can't recommend you enough!read more
Eric Alimento
Eric Alimento

Ehline Law Firm is recognized internationally for its advocacy in personal injury law matters. This sizeable and renowned law firm helps people with bad accidents and personal injury claims. Since 2005 our personal injury and accident attorneys have produced landmark results for their happy clients. In fact, our lawyers have brought in well over $100 million dollars in verdicts and settlements.

Once you speak to one of our compassionate team members, you will see the difference. Our accident attorneys have assisted injured So Cal clients in the LA and Orange County for over a decade. Also, we maintain several convenient meeting locations. So we have San Bernardino, Orange County and Los Angeles offices near Wilshire Blvd in Downtown LA. Also, we serve clients at their home, office or hospital bed. Go ahead and reach out now!

Seeking a Personal Injury Lawyer for an Accident You Didn't Cause?

When a loved one gets harmed in an accident, your family and you need to hire the best personal injury lawyers money can buy. After all something like a bad car, truck, bus or motorcycle accident usually causes great upheaval on our day to day living. The monetary stress alone can make you nervous and depressed. It could cause you to break down. In fact, right after a bad crash or slip and fall, for example, expect a trip to the hospital. Sometimes victims need an MRI, CT scan or X Rays. Sometimes we use our vacation pay just to attend physical therapy. Other times we cannot work at all and get fired after missing too much work.

A top notch accident related personal injury attorney helps mitigate the harm caused by the damages causing your injury. After all, a mishap was unanticipated. And thus, you handling the fallout is not something you should have to be prepared for. This is why you retain legal assistance on your way to a full recovery of your health.

Who are the Accident Victims We Help?

Our satisfied clients consist of victims of tragic mishaps. We help people hurt by heedless miscreants. And we support many types of suffering people.

A wide swath of people become injured from negligence. Tourists, students, business owners and employees hire us for accidents. Clients seeking personal injury legal advice hire us.

In turn, we protect their rights in civil cases. We help in many challenging situations. Again and again, people get stumped by insurance companies. So they feel like they got the runaround. Some clients want to make a change.

Many clients we work with fired their old lawyer. Most of them suffered injuries in traffic collisions with other motorists. But they are all undergoing a stressful experience.

Clients Become Part of Our Bigger Family.

The injury attorneys at Ehline Law Firm treat clients like family. Questions get answered right away in all accident cases. Victims feel comfort knowing this. The warmth we generate makes clients confident. So they know they have a champion in their corner.

Whatever it takes, we seek justice as Los Angeles accident attorneys. This firm's ardor prepares cases to go all the way to trial and win. The liable party or defendant should pay up.

Their negligence or grossly wrong conduct caused harm to others. So don't sit idly by and let the bad ones get away with it. Seek legal help for your accident before time runs out. Speak to a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney at Ehline Law Firm.

Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC is a well respected top 1% California personal injury law firm. In fact, we have been featured in Newsweek’s Premier Personal Injury Attorneys, and as recipients of the Litigator Awards. Our top notch team of staff and complex case litigators have a combined experience of over 30 years assisting various victims of accidents. We have won multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts in addition to being honored by peers and clients alike.

How Do I Find the Right Accident Lawyer?

Locating the best personal injury attorney for an accident is not as simple as it seems. We all see the billboards of young guys who look like they just graduated law school with these exotic sounding names and interesting accents. But some of these people may hail from a place like New York and just advertise here to sign your case and refer it to a local attorney. Just because they advertise for car accident and other clients, they still charge about the same as everyone else. But what about service? What about experience in the local courts? Do they even have any money left over to find a full blown personal injury lawsuit?

We do! In fact, our large, statewide law firm has a proven record of winning personal injury cases. Most insurance companies know we are proven fighters who take on big corporations and their highly paid ivy league attorneys. So we have their respect. Being well financed means we are in this fight till the end as well.

Awards and Accolades

Newsweek Premier Personal Injury Attorneys 2015

Top 100 Trial Lawyers

Personal Injury Litigators 2015

Super Lawyers Rising Stars

Million Dollar Advocate

Hollywood Weekly Awards

Litigator Awards

Best Attorneys of America


Multi Million

Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rated

Vaunted Organizations

State Bar of California

Veteran Owned Business.

Personal Injury Warriors International.



Hispanic Lawyer's Assn.

Lead Counsel

Marine Corps. Association and Foundation

Orange County Bar Assn.



Local Community and Charities

International Cruise Ship Victims

Semper Fi Fund

Veteran's Transition Support


Walk Like MADD

Gentleman's Ride

  • 1

    Do or die mentality.


    Our network of experienced legal staff and attorneys are guided by the Marine Corps ethos. Do or die is our code. Without this, we mere average lawyers. Now we can make it happen for you.

  • 2



    Our attorneys, co counsel and workers have the necessary bankroll to fund your case from beginning to end. We make sure to spend what we have to in order to win for you.

  • 3

    Tier One Litigators


    Our staff and attorneys are top notch, tier one litigators with a proven record of success. We are experts in the personal injury law legal system. Mess with the best, die in court like the rest.

  • 4

    Contingency Fee Attorneys


    If we don't recover a monetary award for the victim, we don't get paid an attorney's fee. This gives our clients the confidence that we are in it to win it.

  • 5

    Peer and Client Rated


    Our firm is famous on sites like Yelp! for being highly motivated and excellent.

  • 6

    We Can Come To You


    If you are too weak or injured to drive, we will come to your location. This means we will go to your work, bedside or hospital.

  • 7

    24-7 Attorney Hotline


    Our staff of paralegals, law clerks, attorneys and others are looking our for you. Accordingly, we take calls 24-7 to help wounded consumers.

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